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Specialist Interest

Specialist Interest courses concentrate on a particular subject in their own right. Below are a few examples

Animal Communication

Animal communication contains many varied aspects within it but they are all about using our sensitivity to become aware of how an animal feels and how they perceive a situation, which is usually completely different to the way we see it. It is a wonderful tool which enables us to become aware of how behaviourial problems, fears, trauma or pain originate and which can then help us gain a better understanding of how to help or support the pet. Very often depending on the type of problem the pet will need to be retrained or helped with it’s issue accordingly. Animal communication usually serves to discover the cause of an issue which then helps us to recognise how to move forward with the pet.
It can also be used to locate a missing animal but once again to gain hindsight as to why the animal left, whether it was chased or left by accident or chose to leave by choice. We can then see whether changes need to be made to help the pet feel more at home within its surroundings.
Animal communication can also be used to discover a pets potential, if someone was wanting an animal for a particular sport or job, like show jumping or a therapy dog or a hunting dog. Just because an animal is bred for a specific job does not mean it will want to do that job and the best workers are those who are passionate about what they do.
The connection in animal communication is always a on a heart level and based on trust and understanding. It stems from a genuine wish to help and support the pet to have the best life it possibly can within any given circumstances.



The psychic faculty is innate within every individual but not everyone is aware of this. This aspect of us can be determined as ‘gut feeling, ‘extra-sensory perception’, ‘sixth sense’, psychic, etc.

Individuals who are psychic will respond through this faculty to the energy in an environment, as well as the energy surrounding people and animals. They have an ability to know something without using the ordinary five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. They have a keen intuitive power.