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Trance Mediumship ‘Trance’

Trance occurs when, through the induction of an altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to ‘capture our attention’ or even place a ‘hold’ on our minds, enabling a closer blending with the spirit world.  The degree of ‘hold’ on the medium’s mind will determine the quality and depth of trance.

Trance is a very refined aspect of mediumship, which influences our spirituality, as well as our messages in mediumship.  The blending of energy between spirit control and medium can be so strong that the medium can lose awareness but does not fall asleep!

 The process of trance occurs when we subdue our conscious minds, slowing down our thinking so that the spirit world can impinge their minds on ours, in order that to establish their presence.  In this state, we can be in touch and at one with minds that influence, educate, uplift and inspire.

 In order to achieve the trance state, we must withdraw our awareness from the ‘here and now’ and move our minds into that aspect of stillness. Then, losing our awareness so we become subdued and passive, the spirit world moves closer and closer to the medium until they come to the fore of the medium’s mind until there is very little awareness/consciousness within the medium.  One’s thoughts become very passive – yes, even detached – almost like one is not thinking at all.  But in that stillness of mind is an inner knowing that, although we are not aware of where we are, the spoken word, or perhaps that an audience is watching us, we are still focused on keeping our minds out of the way.

Trance is MENTAL mediumship, not physical.  That means it’s a process of mind to mind. When we understand how the spirit controls impinge with their thoughts on the mediums’ mind, the greater the co-operation between the medium and spirit, the more control they have   Basically, when you achieve trance it’s because you have got out of the way of your own thinking and allowed a collective mind to blend with yours and take control of your thinking processes.

When the blending between spirit and medium is so close and at-one through many years of co-operation on both sides, then the spirit world almost take over the mind (with the medium’s) consent and the motor control (through the nervous system) can make it possible to move around to show the relationship and trust between medium and spirit.

Trance mediumship comprises a special relationship with the spirit controls that work with us.  This relationship helps us to build a closer rapport and can bring a sharper, more specific and accurate flow of information in all areas of healing, mediumship, philosophy and teaching.





Achieved attunement/blending with spirit energy and able to be           inspired from one’s own spirit and/or spirit discarnate. The  medium would be capable of achieving an altered state of consciousness* or subdued consciousness, working with external thought processes and giving spirit voice to a minimum. Light control would be evidence, taking inspiration further, achieving a deeper blending.


There would be a strong influence of spirit upon the medium’s mind. The medium would be capable of achieving an altered state of consciousness* and blending with a discarnate personality would be evident.  The spirit control would be able to speak through the medium for perhaps only a short period of time.  The spirit control would be witnessed by onlookers objectively or subjectively through their clairvoyant vision or by sensing atmospheric changes clairsentiently.


Full spirit control of the medium’s mind would take place.  The medium will be in a state of mental ‘hold’ by spirit in an altered state of consciousness* and have no recollection of proceedings. Information voiced will be fluent, intelligent, logical and rational, as well as uplifting, and enlightening.

Information achieved through trance mediumship should demonstrate a living intelligence extraneous to the medium’s own understanding.

*  An altered state of consciousness occurs when the ego is dissolved and there is union or blending with a formless, universal energy.