Trance Healing 21st April – 28th 2018

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Posted 24th March 2018 by the College General Manager

Trance Healing 1
Saturday 21st Apr – 28th Apr 2018

Using trance teaching techniques will enhance your healing mediumship and make a significant difference to the effect the Spirit World can bring to our patients.
Can we help you to reach that closer relationship you need in healing to work with the Spirit World?
Can we help you to work with a trance level that will help and aid you in your work within mediumship?
Healing is an act of service, a service to God, the Spirit World, and to people in a physical existence who are in need of the help, the service of healing can bring.
Join us, Pauline Silver, Simone Key, Colin Bates, Bill Thomson, Thelma Francis and Nora Stringer, to learn more about yourselves and healing.
This Trance Healing course includes Tutorials, Lectures, tutor demonstrations and group sessions that are designed to give you hands on experience and not just listening but doing.
Groups are limited to 12 students per tutor
Go to the College Website Course 17 to book online
Or call 01279813636