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Alan Stuttle – Spirit Artist

Alan spent three years at Stoke On Trent College of Art. At eighteen accepted by the Royal College of Art for three years. Lecturer at South Cheshire Central College of Art, Crewe for six years. Age twenty-nine went to California where career as a professional Artist started.

1972 Alan moved to York opening the Yorkshire Gallery in Micklegate living and working for 30 years.

1988 he opened a Gallery in Scarborough giving access to the East coast and the sea views & where now living.

Working in watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylics plus the use of pen & ink and charcoal. The Yorkshire Dales is a firm favourite for tranquillity, Italy for its vibrancy of colour & New Zealand for the glorious greens of healing.

“Now into the Autumn age of life, the enthusiasm & inspiration to paint continues. Continuing charity work to encourage young people to search for the artist within.”

Alan Stuttle the Psychic/Spirit Artist works as a course organiser at the Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall inspiring others in exploring not only their artistic talents but discovering the mediumistic qualities to enrich & bring healing to self and others.

Working in many countries as a psychic artist he has enabled many to have the privilege of not only receiving a message from their departed loved ones but have been given the evidence by way of a portrait of them which, in countries where there can be a language barrier this gives unique communication. Alan was encouraged by the well respected psychic artist Coral Polge and likewise would be happy to teach others who wish to seek their latent talent.

The media has played a role of bringing positivity to the promotion of Art and the Spirit world communication as the portraits drawn are there for all to see and again, Alan has been involved in media coverage in the UK and many overseas countries.

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