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Andrew Manship CSNU

Andrew is originally from Wales and now lives in London.  He leads a life dedicated to service and currently chooses to balance his time between his role as a community firefighter and his work as an international medium, healer and teacher.

He has been actively developing and exploring his mediumship since 2005 when an experience with the spirit world led him on a journey of discovery and brought him to The Arthur Findlay College, firstly as a student, and now as a teacher.
Andrew brings a fresh and vibrant approach to his teaching of mediumship and the intuitive arts.

He recognises that mediumship unfolds alongside the soul, and has developed a unique teaching style that allows students to recognise and step into their own power, thereby unfolding an understanding of their relationship with both The Seen and The Unseen World.

“I believe in creating balance between mind, body and spirit and understand that one’s mediumship cannot truly reach its full potential without a continuous commitment to psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. “

Andrew combines his natural instincts as an intuitive tutor with a humanistic, progressive and rational approach that integrates theoretical knowledge and a building upon levels of awareness and experience.  He believes that the power of mediumship emanates from the soul and thus the development of this faculty is more about an intentional state of being rather than simple mechanics or acts of doing.

The true unfoldment of one’s ability is a consistent and ongoing fine attunement with the authentic self and together with the world of the Spirit.
Andrew endeavours to create a safe and compassionate environment for his students to authentically unfold their mediumship to recognise their own divinity within the oneness of The Spirit, and realise their potential.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor