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Minister Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is an internationally recognized healer, author, medium, spiritual lecturer, and teacher. Since 1995, he has been a tutor and course organizer at the Arthur Findlay College. He holds the distinction of being the longest serving international tutor at the College.

He was also the first ever Overseas Officiant, then Minister to be appointed to the Spiritualists’ National Union.

Brian Robertson is a minister of the SNU and senior minister at the Open Door Sanctuary in Victoria, Canada, a position he has held since 1991. Brian is also founder and president of the Inner Quest Foundation, a centre of education which hosts major international retreats and provides an ongoing lyceum for serious students of the Intuitive Arts and Healing Mediumship.

Alongside his distinguished career spanning forty years as a medium and spiritual teacher in the media and on public platforms worldwide, Brian has devoted many years to the development and training of a team of spiritual healers whose reputation and service now extends to the international community.

As a highly respected teacher, his down-to-earth guidance demands not only our attention but our participation, as he encourages us to heal ourselves and thereby create the healing we wish to see in the world.

“I am committed to re-establishing a sacred vitality within esoteric mediumship and its associated arts, and to the development of ethical practitioners who understand that, without spiritual awareness, we leave but a poor legacy to the world.”

He has devoted his life to moving the practice of mediumship from a purely mechanical practice back toward its mystical origins as a healing art.

SNU Diplomas:

• General Administration

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking• Spiritualist Healing

• Teaching

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Long Service Award of The Spiritualist’s National Union

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• Spiritualist Healing

• Teaching