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Christine Morgan CSNU

Christine Morgan is one of Australia’s foremost Spiritual Mediums and teachers of Intuitive Arts, based in Sydney, Australia.Her natural Mediumistic ability stems from a long family line of natural intuition and heritage of mediumship, which has been honed through classical training.

Christine has worked for over twenty three years in the field of Spiritual Mediumship and the Intuitive Arts, throughout Australia as well as internationally including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and England.

Christine spends a great deal of time in the UK and for many years attended the Arthur Findlay College. She is passionate about education and the understanding of the spirit world mediums communicate with, as well as the unfoldment of the spiritual self and the affect it has on our lives today.

Continuing to study, research and develop her abilities on a continual basis.

“I believe that Spiritualism and Mediumship is a life long journey.”

She is in very high demand for her knowledge and talents by various and diverse organisations around the world.

Christine is also one of the few mediums in Australia to hold a certificate of the Spiritualist National Union in the UK for Speaking and Demonstrating Evidential Mediumship (CSNU).

Hosting and organising educational forums, as well as being in demand for her teaching skills and demonstrations, Christine has been interviewed on both radio and in regular magazines, nationally and internationally, relating to relevant spiritual topics such as the importance of education and developing these abilities and what they mean to us.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor