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Minister Colin Bates

Minister Colin Bates tutor and Course Organiser at the Arthur Findlay College. Registered and approved Spiritualist healer, teacher and lecturer of mediumistic and spiritual development.

Colin has been teaching, demonstrating and exploring the many pathways of the spirit for over 30 years, working in many countries throughout Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

A great many people in our world have an inbuilt awareness and sensitivity, often experiencing events, thoughts and feelings that can relate to the energy of the spirit world. It has been my great pleasure over the last 30 years to explore and teach the many pathways of the spirit, as well as coming into contact with many people who have a unique ability and seek to understand the natural unfolding process of mediumship and spiritual development. This can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

“Each person is very much an individual, what I try to achieve in teaching is to look at the individual potential of each person, creating the best possible conditions for development to take place through the use of mediumistic and spiritual practices designed to stimulate and increase personal awareness.”

Every course is uniquely structured to suit the needs of the student, from basic awareness to advanced techniques. Taking time to blend and harmonise with the power of the spirit leads to a closer and stronger link with the spirit world for healing and philosophy.

It is important when undertaking mediumistic development to look at the spiritual side to increase harmony and balance. Harmony is vital to produce any phenomena and sitting for the spirit will allow the blending of the physical and spiritual energy to become harmonised. Focusing the mind through concentration and meditation increases sensitivity leading to greater receptivity thus empowering the psychic sensory pathways leading to clearness and understanding.