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Donna Barker DSNU

Donna is a British medium who trained at the Arthur Findlay College and The Barbanell Centre, and now demonstrates her mediumship and teaches all around the UK and overseas. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and achieves this by supporting others on their spiritual journey, helping them to unfold their natural mediumistic abilities, hand in hand with the spirit world.

Donna encourages students to find confidence in their own awareness, and to build trust not only with the spirit world but in themselves too, so they are empowered to fulfil their spiritual potential, and discover that limitless unfettered aspect of their soul. She recognises that when students work with tutors, they are trusting them with their most precious gift, their mediumship, and as such she understands the importance of that and never takes it for granted.

Unfolding the naturalness of mediumship is at the centre of Donna’s philosophy, whilst acknowledging that a sense of discipline and devotion is paramount to enhance students’ development. Fostering a sense of respect for the intelligence of the spirit world along with continually valuing their own progressive spiritual growth ensures students fully appreciate their journey.

As well as being an AFC Tutor, Donna is on the SNU’s Education and Exponents Committee, and tutors on the SNU’s education courses up to Diploma level.

SNU Awards:

– Diploma in Demonstrating

SNU Certificates:

– Demonstration

– Speaking

– Teaching

– 2020 West London Exponents Prize for Outstanding Spiritual Development