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Eileen Davies L.S.S.N.U

Eileen has been working as a medium for over 30 years and has made a life-long vocation of studying spirituality. She embraces her love of the beauty and diversity of different religious traditions and spiritual practices and has endeavored to integrate a spiritual way of life with her work as a medium.

As a child, Eileen frequently kept the company of spirit children who were more a reality then those in the material world and developed a great love of the metaphysical poets from an early age. A love and passion of which Eileen still has today.

Eileen’s first introduction to Spiritualism was when she was 19 years old and entered a Spiritualist church in her home town of Aberdeen…the medium was none other than the great Gordon Higginson. What was experienced during the demonstration changed the course and direction of Eileen’s life and marked the crossing of a spiritual threshold.

Eileen received support and encouragement from the most respected mediums of their time and counts herself blessed to have known and touched the lives of such remarkable people.

The Arthur Findlay College holds a special place in Eileen’s heart where in her earlier years she was invited to work as a tutor, by Gordon Higginson but also because of her friendship with Clark Findlay the nephew of Arthur who was her healing mentor.

“To ensure the longevity of the College as a home for kindred souls where each can share in the knowledge and eternal truths of the spirit, to the inclusion of all and the exclusion of none”

is something that Eileen values as highly important.

Tutor and Course Organiser at the Arthur Findlay College for over 25 years. Eileen is also Principal of the Summerland Trust in Aberdeen, a position she has dedicated herself to for 13 years, where the ethos is to embrace the needs of the individual. “Mediumistic powers are not so much developed as are revealed. When we recognise our true nature and we begin to remove all the conditioning that prevents us recognising them as an integral part of who we are as spiritual beings”
Eileen is devoted to teaching and believes in creating a safe nurturing environment where all can receive the encouragement that she received in those precious early years.

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