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Helen DaVita DSNU

Helen was born & raised on the south coast, in Portsmouth, a stone’s throw from the historically significant, Portsmouth Temple of Spiritualism – a place she walked past everyday on her way to school and has now regularly served.

From an early age she was aware of the presence of spirit in our lives and never lost this interest in her formative years.

She has an extensive career of over 30 years in adult training and development, including Higher Education, in which she distinguished herself in the social sciences, with an interest in society and social psychology. She is also qualified to ‘train the trainer’ and frequently runs courses to empower new teachers of the future to a professional level.

Her mediumship and healing began via self-development and study and later, after attending a short course, through experience in the churches and centres around the UK.

Helen is an accomplished demonstrator of evidential mediumship, philosophy, trance and healing. She regularly demonstrates trance and transfiguration to audiences of students and has achieved a global reputation for quality, compassion, intelligence, good humour and a strong belief, as well as commitment, that all who study under her guidance are capable of being of service. She also believes in testing theories and beliefs, in order to progress our knowledge and also has a keen interest in the application of modern technology to her work.
Helen also has a passion for studying indigenous spirituality and this is often reflected in her work and understanding, through the knowledge and experience gained through her worldwide travels – having often worked with tribal elders and healers. This has enhanced her understanding of spirituality and our infinite, sacred connectedness to all life.

Helen is also regarded as one of the leading international teachers of animal therapies and sentient communication. She has a passion that all emotional and sentient beings are capable of communicating.
With high regard and demand on the International stage, Helen delivers her infectious passion for her work and her belief in the students.

As a Course Organiser & Tutor, Helen is always excited & honoured to deliver her programmes.

When home, she now lives in rural west of Ireland, surrounded by nature and caring for animals who were once unloved and unwanted and enjoys the short flight to her beloved teaching home,of the Arthur Findlay College.

SNU Diplomas:

• Basic Foundation (Academic)

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking• Private Sittings

• Administration

• SNU Tutor