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Janette Marshall CSNU

Janette has been spiritually and energetically aware since birth viewing it, in principle, as a natural experience. She also perceives the complex micro dynamics and mechanisms of life and ‘energy’ in infinitely fine detail. This ability enables her to offer students valuable keys and specific feedback regarding their refined tuning process, mediumship, and how they function as a human being.

She approaches the medium as a whole with observance to Health and Well Being, not only for the student, but for all associated persons plus potential clients and congregations. Her passion for spiritual science, psychology and philosophy allows her to present an overview, of the energetic relationship, between every day responses, coping mechanisms and intuitive or mediumistic skills.

Her previous technical experience as a Computer Programmer and Analyst, her finance, design, construction and engineering background plus her familiarity with a motor racing environment, track conditions and atmospheric influences all combine with her innate business acumen to create a strong, logical foundation and structured understanding of the mechanics of mediumship and life.

She co managed a diverse and successful International business with her late husband. Employing over 100 personnel she created new industry working procedures and training manuals. She has worked with business consultancy and marketing, accountants, actors, artists, chefs, musicians, and scientists. She is a versatile individual able to reflect and coach people in any area of their life.

Janette’s teachings offer valuable tools when moving from the literal logic of conscious life to the relatively lateral logic, of the College experience, more closely associated with subconscious life. As it takes time to create sufficient points of reference from experiences gained it can require greater tolerance or patience by students to themselves or others until apt momentum is gained.

She encourages Team Work and structured group attunement as a means to individual excellence. She has focused 20 years to promote the therapeutic and transformational values of mediumship at the college through all aspects of mediumship including Spiritual Art. Her pioneering approach is particularly suited to students who wish to reset their boundaries and refine their tuning process.

Janette has a natural aptitude for languages and does view elements of her work as a personal interpretation of the energy. She is creating diagrams as a visual interpretation to support her view of the human Energy System and how that associates with life principles and mediumship. Perspectives on, and routes to, alignment of subconscious motivation with conscious intention.

She mentors aspiring and professional Mediums, Healers, Teachers and Energy Practitioners. Her ‘Training Modules’ offer a structured view as well as a bespoke approach to development. Her approach includes an avid interest in historical, scientific and creative influences, with respect for both traditional and innovative methods. She employs multiple Intuitive and Energy Techniques.

In her own personal way, she is a Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer who loves to see people becoming more aware of their own potentials and fuller sense of self. Her Mediumistic approach is to encourage students to a progressive endeavour for sensitised spiritual atmosphere, presence and quality evidence. Also to recognise their personal emotion and thoughts from the collective.

Janette offers a limited number of private audio and in person sessions to individuals requiring a reading, one to one coaching in ‘training for trance’, ‘platform presence’, ‘platform mediumship’, or sensitive evidential sittings, sound techniques, spiritual art and many other aspects of mediumship. An energy assessment and one to one training on personal energy management is an option too.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor