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Julie Grist CSNU

Julie has actively been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and enjoys all the many and varied aspects of it.  She attended the Arthur Findlay College numerous times from the late 1980s as a student before moving on to its Teacher Training Programme.  She works in the U.K. and abroad demonstrating her Mediumship and coaching small or large groups by providing whatever level or type of Mediumistic training is required.

Teaching is a great passion and she has been involved in this for many years in home, church, centre and college environments.

A keen sportswoman when younger she has played, umpired and coached netball and table-tennis at club, league, county and regional level.  Julie is, therefore, well practised in methods that encourage and coax out the best within people along with the experience that both discipline and commitment are important to success.  She likes to keep things simple too and feels there is no need for the Philosophy of Spiritualism or development of Mediumship to be complicated.

Julie also had many years involvement with Bereavement Counselling which, she feels, has enhanced the work she does with her Clairsentient and Clairvoyant Mediumship.

Presenting Spiritualism and Mediumship professionally and well is uppermost in her thinking and promoting the Spirit World in all its’ glorious, life enriching understandings a driving force within her.

“Why accept the ordinary when you can take part in something that is stupendous?  Those in the Spirit World need us to speak for Them and allow Their touch and influence to be felt ever more strongly within the work we do and the lives we lead.  So Mediumship should be well trained and developed in order to allow Spirit the access and understanding it deserves – Ours and Theirs.”

She loves to work with Psychic & Mediumistic exercises, Colour, Trance and Altered States of Consciousness, Meditation, Inspiration, Platform Presentation, and Experimentation.  In fact, anything that will facilitate and bring about the development of the Spirit Within and the enhancement of Spirit Communication.  She sees no problem with pushing boundaries and limitations that may be holding you back whilst reminding you that you are ‘ever perfect in the eyes of Spirit’.

Julie knows being involved with Spirit is a wonderful thing;  speaking for the Spirit World a joy;  standing up for Spirit a life enhancing opportunity – and having the chance to work with fellow seekers is the icing on the cake!

You can contact Julie on 01983 615241  or  email her at

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor