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Leah Bond OSNU

Leah is a long standing Tutor of the college. Leah trained with and became firm friends with many of the great names within Spiritualism, healing and mediumship.
People such as Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Harry Edwards, Ivor James, Coral Polge, Ron Baker, Eric and Heather Hatton, Glyn Edwards and so many more.

She has worked extensively with Platform Mediumship, Trance and Physical, Healing and Trance Healing and has an expansive experience all aspects of mediumship.

As with all long standing Tutors of the College when you meet and work with Leah you are automatically embracing the energy of a wealth of Mediumistic prowess. Contact with the presence of the person can be as valuable as their teachings.

When available Leah’s own courses ‘Light of the World’ offer teaching of all aspects of mediumship and suit Newcomers alongside Intermediate and Advanced students.

Leah coined the phrase

‘Trance can only enhance’.

She has a gentle way of explaining and motivating the students journey into altered states of consciousness.

‘All for One and One for All is a favourite phrase that she lives by. Generous of heart and teachings she encourages a sense of unity amongst her students which in turn lends itself to individual success.
Leah hails from Wales and is steeped in the mystical and practical nature of the valleys.

Her own bubbly light hearted nature is part of her essence but also surface to a person who is a dedicated exponent for mediumship and spiritualism.

She loves the science and philosophy yet respects and embraces her students right of choice and the progressive elements of the evolution of Spirituality within our times.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor