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Libby Clark OSNU

Libby has been aware of the Spirit world from being a small child, and a working Medium from seventeen years old.From her first visit to a Spiritualist church at sixteen, she felt at home and it was for her a very natural to develop her mediumship and spirituality.

In those early days, she was guided by some of the UK’s finest mediums; Gordon Higginson, Glynn Edwards, Robin Stevens, Jean Bassett and Violet Edwards, to name just a few. They all worked at Beaconsfield Street Spiritualist Church in Nottingham. After the services and workshops, there was always time to socialise and ask questions, and Libby had lots of questions!

For almost forty years she has worked as a Spiritualist Medium, travelling the length and breadth of the UK. She gained a great deal of experience and a higher profile within the Spiritualist movement serving Spiritualist Churches groups, organizations and private individuals, undertaking Church services, demonstrations of Mediumship, private sittings, workshops, seminars and teaching groups.

For over thirty-five years she has worked as a deep trance medium and trance healer and has many testimonials to confirm the help and healing that has been received from the Spirit world through her wonderful mentor in Spirit, Dr James.Since 1992

Libby has been privileged to be a Course Organiser and Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College and thoroughly enjoys teaching and sharing with her students, many of whom return again and again to continue their spiritual and personal education under Libby’s expert guidance.

Libby’s gift has taken her to many different countries and she has worked extensively overseas including, Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, South Africa, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Southern Ireland and the USA and is always excited to spread her gift in new venues and countries.

Libby loves teaching and sharing her abilities with her students. She covers subjects from meditation, awareness, spiritual and personal development, philosophy and public speaking, psychology, mindfulness, demonstrating skills, communication, healing, all forms of trance and lots more.

Her innovative and positive ways of teaching and supporting her students empowers the spirituality within them, at the same time expanding their abilities and gifts.

Libby has entered into an exciting and innovating partnership with Andy Wills to produce meditation CD’s. Andy’s music is a very positive and empowering sound and, combined with spoken meditation, they have created a new avenue of exploration and support for those exploring their spirituality and personal power.

Libby is a true ambassador for spirit. She lives the life she teaches and she teaches the life she lives. Libby is always available to develop new teaching opportunities and share her gifts to new areas and new people.

Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor