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Lynn grew up in South West London and always had a belief in the spirit world and her own intuitiveness from a young age. Although it seemed quite normal to her it wasn’t something that she understood at that point and certainly didn’t know how it could enhance her life or serve of benefit to herself or others until she was in her late teens.

It was after moving to West Sussex and joining a circle that she also discovered the Arthur Findlay College. Attending the College and being taught by many exceptional tutors Lynn finally found the missing part of herself and started to acknowledge the connection to the spirit world that she had. She put her focus into developing her mediumship through years of training and also understanding the need for the development of herself as a person, which is sometimes missed or ignored, but so greatly needed in this work.

Lynn has a very nurturing manner and is a great believer in encouraging students to understand their own awareness and potential. More importantly to aid them in believing and trusting themselves in their spiritual growth. She is passionate about what she does and creates a positive and passionate environment with all her students.

Lynn’s time is dedicated to working all over the world both teaching and demonstrating.

“Sharing knowledge and information is what helps us all grow and stepping out of our comfort zone is the scariest thing to do. To step outside the boundaries and limitations that we place on ourselves is the thing that will enhance us as a person and create a greater space for us to work with when connecting with the spirit world”.

Bringing the spirit world ‘alive’ again through their presence and essence and not just being the provider of factual information and evidence is something Lynn feels very strongly about. This shows in both her teaching, her demonstrating and all she shares.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor