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Marie Lisseman OSNU

Marie has a wealth of teaching experience spanning over 30 years.

She is a well loved and respected Spiritualist Medium who considers herself an ordinary person with a passion for working with the Spirit World.  She works with truth as the basis of her Mediumship and this is reflected in the accuracy of her messages from loved ones; bringing love as well as evidence of survival of Spirit.

Born and raised in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, Marie embarked on developing her mediumship in her late 20’s, not realising the full extent of her childhood experiences and natural mediumistic abilities. Her natural abilities quickly emerged and she began demonstrating and teaching mediumship wherever she was honoured to be invited Internationally as well as extensively in the United Kingdom where she is humbled in supporting the Spiritualist Churches and Centres, both in-person and online.

Marie is a life-long learner herself, keen to balance her natural abilities with recognised qualifications and has a keen interest in training and development as well as the creative aspects of Spirit Art. For many years she has been a voluntary tutor, trainer and assessor for the Spiritualist’ National Union.  She is also an Officiant of the SNU trained to conduct official ceremonies such as Spiritual Namings, Weddings, Blessing and Funerals and is currently one of the elected Vice Presidents of the SNU.

She is known for her modern down to earth teaching, encouraging and supporting students to find their own understanding, knowledge and experience so they can release their doubts and trust in their own power and abilities on their unique journey of natural unfoldment with their personal development and spiritual practices.

Life is eternal and Marie enjoys the celebration this brings when re-connecting the souls of the Spirit World with those still here on Earth.

Relevant Qualifications:

– SNU Tutor

– Certificates of SNU – Demonstrating, Speaking, Tutoring, Assessing

– Diplomas of SNU – Speaking and Demonstrating

– Qualified Mindfulness Practitioner

– BA (Hons) Business

– Adult Education Qualifications

– Level 3 Counselling & Life Coach Qualifications