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Minister Matthew Smith

Came into National Spiritualism in the late 1970’s.  Was privileged to see many of the great mediums of the past who shared their mediumship in such a natural and evidential way. My learning was as a student at the College. I have been working as an AFC Tutor and course organiser for many years, I understand how it feels to unfold these wonderful abilities which lie within the human form because I have gone through the process.

In the early days of teaching I discovered that many “Spiritual Mediums” lack confidence. So, I asked the spirit world about this and was told that “lack of confidence is necessary in some people to enable us to blend with the medium. Then when mastered that confidence grows because the medium is naturally empowered by the power.”  Allow me to elaborate briefly. If we are egotistical how can the spirit world blend with us, because the ego stops that connection. The lack of confidence is not a negative it is in fact a positive to be disciplined and understood.

All my courses carry both theoretical and practical elements to help the novice medium in their unfoldment. I have studied my own mediumship and still do so. That is vital for everyone as their spirituality grows. Mediumship is like a meandering pathway we never know where it is going to lead but through our trust we grow as one.

My background is theatre and entertainment. I trained at the Birmingham Theatre School and have, in the past, worked in television, theatre and film. I combined the acting with developing clowning skills and worked very successfully as a professional Clown.

Held various committee positions within the SNU both at Local, District and National level.  I started my investigation in Bitterne Spiritualists’ Church in Southampton and been Church President twice and other committee positions. I am now an honorary member.

Humour, I believe is important within our work. Not to embarrass people or use it as a lack of substance in any presentation. We can learn through laughter.

Any week at the AFC is dependant on everyone working together. Don’t come with preconceived ideas, but an open mind. Its an adventure, spirit say “it’s a journey of discovery”

In August of 2008 I was ordained as a Minister of the Spiritualists National Union. Therefore, I look upon my role as a teacher in a pastoral manner. My approach is direct, never rude or abrupt but constructive to help the discerning student. If you ask my opinion you will get an honest answer.

My specialised subject is Trance Healing and Speaking. I have worked also as an evidential medium. I also teach Evidential Mediumship and Inspiration/Public Speaking.

The work with Spirit has taken me practically all over the world in the years of service. The AFC is a beacon of light and when Arthur Findlay bequeathed his home to The Spiritualists’ National Union the physical world didn’t know that an international airport would be at its doorstep. The Spirit World did!

I would like to share that power with you. Please look at my weeks and if you feel my approach will fit your needs then contact reception.

SNU Diploma’s Speaking, Teaching, Foundation (Academic)

CSNU Demonstrating, Speaking, Teaching, General Administration

Born in Staffordshire.