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Minister Nora Moray Stringer

Minister Nora Moray Stringer, originates from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, but has lived in many parts of the world. Nora Moray has been a practicing medium for over thirty-five years. She has taught in churches for many years and at The Arthur Findlay College for 20 years.

She teaches many aspects of Mediumship, plus a variety of other linked subjects including spiritual self-awareness.
She works as an SNU approved healer with her husband Colin. They live in West Yorkshire, but she serves churches in many parts of Britain and occasionally works abroad.

Nora Moray is a Minister of the SNU and in this capacity takes Official Services, such as Namings, Weddings & Funerals and much more.She has served on several SNU committees and her District Council for several years.

Nora has a deep interest in Healing Mediumship, Philosophy, Trance work, Colour work and personal Spiritual progression; along with Spiritual practices and disciplines which reflect this. These subjects enliven her teaching work and add to her depth of Mediumship.

SNU Diplomas:

• Public Speaking

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor