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Pam Pollington DSNU

Pam, born & raised in Surrey, England, has always been in touch with the Spirit world, though not fully comprehending it. She possessed a unique ability to foresee events and sense people’s emotions. Despite a strong religious background, she felt unfulfilled until a personal tragedy led her to seek deeper spiritual meaning.

The passing of her daughter in 2012 sparked a profound transformation in Pam’s life. Seeking solace and answers, she received messages from her daughter through a Medium, igniting a spiritual awakening within her. This experience inspired her to offer comfort to others in need.

Attending Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church at a low point in her life, Pam found a sense of belonging and purpose. Intrigued by the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, she immersed herself in learning and development. Pam’s journey led her to the Arthur Findlay College, where she honed her abilities under expert guidance.

Transitioning into platform mediumship in 2016, Pam found fulfilment in delivering messages and teaching across various venues. Drawing from her nursing background, she also became a qualified Healer, compassionate in helping those in grief.

Driven by a passion for teaching, Pam completed mentorship and teacher training with the Spiritualist National Union. Her approach emphasizes enjoyment and confidence-building in mediumship development, aiming to empower students to embrace their unique abilities.

Pam’s dedication to growth led her to achieve a Diploma in Demonstrating Mediumship with the Spiritualist National Union. She believes that while the Spirit world offers opportunities, it’s up to individuals to embrace them.


SNU Awards:

– Diploma in Demonstrating

SNU Certificates:

– Demonstration

– Speaking

– Teaching

Accredited Healing Medium

Pam Pollington DSNU