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Pauline Silver DSNU

Pauline was born and raised in West Yorkshire.  She saw the spirit world clearly when she was a child but was not encouraged to investigate mediumship until she was a teenager.
Pauline began her spiritual journey at her local Spiritualist Church, attending awareness groups when she was 28 years old.  It was at this time when her family were grown up so that she could follow her own initial path of serving Churches.

She began her healing career in 1994, when she moved to East Yorkshire.  Soon after becoming an approved SNU healer, she started working towards becoming an award holder of the Spiritualists’ National Union and achieved their Diploma in Healing.  This was a very busy period as Pauline held a full time job, studied and qualified as an Aura-Soma practitioner, which she understands supports both the healing and communication aspects of mediumship.

Pauline has served her District Council for nearly twenty years.  It is within the area of the DC that she works with trainee and approved healers.  She serves many churches in her District Council as the Healing Representative of the DC, as part of the District Council Healing Sub-Committee.  She has also served the SNU’s National Executive Committees and has enjoyed every position held.

In 1991, Pauline began attending The Arthur Findlay College, where she was helped to develop her spiritual abilities through study and personal experience.  In 2001, she joined the Trance Healing course as a Specialist Tutor, progressing to Full Tutor status.  2011 saw Pauline become a Course Organiser of Trance Healing 1 at The Arthur Findlay College and later became Course Organiser of Trance Healing 2,

Since then, she has worked internationally and nationally as a tutor and medium with all forms of mediumship, enjoying and presenting all the various aspects of mediumship.  Pauline spends much of her time demonstrating, teaching, presenting lectures, seminars and workshops.

” I believe that our mediumistic and spiritual development is a journey that we should embrace, gaining knowledge and understanding. We should make it a journey to be enjoyed”

says Pauline.  “We can then adopt the approach of not limiting our mediumship and the spirit world.”

She also believes that students learn best through the practical approach, gaining understanding from experience.
Pauline loves to see her students become aware of their own power and so that they can work with it.

This spiritual power helps not only mediumship skills but every day life on this wonderful pathway of spiritual knowledge.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor