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Penny Hayward DSNU

Penny believes….

“We can never really tell what is going to happen from one day to the next no matter how much we attempt to plan our future.  Working as a medium means we must get used to taking steps and leaps into the unknown, as we trust in our abilities, to be moved by the power of the Spirit.  Our mind likes to fight against this to try and control what should happen.  As mediums we must master our mind before we can fully understand our potential as psychics and mediums.

To truly be of service, we must develop all aspects of our self as well as our psychic and mediumistic skills.   We are on a perpetual progressive path, which if we listen to our soul it will guide us to where we need to be.  Where we find ourselves may not be what we planned and can be an exciting and wonderful experience if we trust.  Thankfully there comes a point when the mind cannot stop the will of the soul and we must act upon the calling”

Penny’s spiritual journey took off when she listened to her souls’ calling and moved to London.  Born in Australia Penny relocated to England in 1999, this is when her life was transformed and she started to develop her psychic and mediumistic abilities, through both practical and theoretical studies, which continue to this day.

Penny has been working publicly since 2010 which has led to speaking, teaching and demonstrating in America and Europe.  For Penny, teaching is a passion and she loves to see students taking that leap into the unknown, exploring and developing as a soul, spirit and individual, allowing their abilities to form in a natural progressive way.

Penny’s appointments & awards to date –

– Course Organiser & Tutor – Arthur Findlay College

– Officiant of the Spiritualists’ National Union

– Assessor for the Spiritualists’ National Union

SNU Diplomas:

– Public Speaking

– Teaching

– Assessing

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

– Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

– Public Speaking

– Teaching

– Assessing

Accredited Spiritualist Healer for the SNU