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As a child, seeing ghostly figures, hearing whispering and her name being called whilst alone was not unusual for Sally. Although scared, she eventually accepted this as normal. A firm belief in an afterlife inspired her to hold séances in her late teens, she knew intuitively what to do, though had no comprehension of what a medium was.

Years later, motivated by distress for someone in pain, and by asking God to use her, she had an experience of giving healing successfully.  This event motivated her to discover how to use this ability to help others and she has since worked with dedication for over 20 years as a Medium, Healer and Tutor in England and overseas. Fervent about respecting Spirit and representing them with quality and professionalism led Sally to the Arthur Findlay College, where since 1992 she attended countless courses exploring all forms of mediumship.

“For me, attending the Arthur Findlay College was priceless. Each time I was extremely fortunate to receive excellent knowledge and guidance from exceptional Tutors; on my very first visit I was overwhelmed by a sense of being somewhere I was meant to be – at last!”

She qualified as a Teacher in Adult & Further Education prior to undertaking the SNU Teachers Training Course and attaining certification as an SNU Tutor.

Sally feels strongly about needing to recognize working for Spirit spontaneously creates change within us and to appreciate that as we strive to cultivate mediumship, we open doors to develop ourselves and vice versa.  Her background as a Therapist, including Transpersonal and Inner Child assists her to help students identify and manage areas that create difficulties for moving forward in their progression of mediumship, and to enhance self-belief and trust. “When working with Spirit I feel complete and I am passionate about all aspects of Mediumship. It is pure joy to take part in assisting others with their development by sharing knowledge and experience gained throughout my own journey, in partnership with knowledge, guidance, inspiration and love from the Spirit World.”

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor