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Sandie began her spiritual journey at twenty-five years old when she discovered her latent psychic and spiritual abilities. During these former years of development, she travelled extensively throughout the UK, investigating mediumship and spirituality, resulting in her ability to demonstrate mediumship, both publicly and privately. Her ultimate aim is to prove that we survive physical death and that our loved-ones in spirit are always very much a part of our lives.

Sandie’s students’ understanding of the spirit – both incarnate and discarnate – is most important to her, as well as the philosophy underlying mediumship in all its forms. Throughout her courses, Sandie aims to provide her students with strong teaching experiences and, most importantly, time for fun. Sandie believes the learning process should be a balance of both theory and practical, coupled with spiritual understanding. She also believes that learning must be enjoyable so social time on her courses is always included.

Sandie is a popular teacher, running several successful courses, drawing students to The Arthur Findlay College from all over the world. She is passionate about mediumship and loves to observe and participate in every facet. Sandie’s teachings are very much inspired, ‘in the moment’ from the spirit world, when she acknowledges she is part of a team. Her dynamic personality and sense of humour are enjoyed by many as she brings her down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her work. Her ultimate joy is to witness her students’ achievements. Her teaching at The Arthur Findlay College is of utmost importance to her and she holds the position of Course Organiser & Tutor Liaison, supporting and maintaining harmony and good teaching relationships within the teaching faculty.

Sandie holds strong views that her religion of Spiritualism demands worthy ambassadors and her teaching objective is to train students to such a high standard that they are able to meet the demands of mediumship today, with accuracy, compassion, commitment and dedication. Her desire is that her students have the necessary speaking and mediumship skills required for both the public and the private sectors. Her work for spirit takes her to many countries world-wide.

Throughout her spiritual unfoldment, Sandie has discovered many different and successful teaching techniques designed to help, support and encourage her students. Her teaching methods are both unique and effective. Sandie’s work for Spirit and Spiritualism comprises Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops, Talks, Seminars, Public Demonstrations of Mediumship and Private Readings.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor