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Minister Sandy Hagger

As a child Sandy could always be heard saying:

“There has to be more to life than this” and always felt that a part of her was missing.  It wasn’t until much later on in her life that she came to realise her gifts and upon coming to Stansted Hall, knew that she had finally “come home”.

Many Stansted Mediums, too numerous to mention, have had an impact on Sandy’s development over the years, but three are particularly important to her.  Her initial training was with Mavis Pittilla and Simon James who were both trained by Gordon Higginson, and more recently she has been personally mentored by The Rev Brian Robertson.  She is now happy to call all three friends, as well as colleagues. Involved in Spiritualism for more than 20 years, Sandy has worked abroad as well as in the UK.  Although a firm believer in Healing, Sandy’s passion has always been working with the Spirit World from the platform with demonstrations of Mediumship and inspired addresses, believing you can reach more people in this way.

Dedicated and organised, Sandy has had a variety of jobs (including being a Funeral Director) and believes that each of our experiences add to the rich tapestry of our life, which the Spirit World draw on, when working with us.  A great believer in balance and simplicity, she gains great pleasure from seeing development in her students.  She creates an encouraging working environment and has a motivational style, mixed with discipline, respect and reverence for the Spirit World.

Sandy holds a Psychology diploma, has a positive outlook on life and an enormous amount of energy.  She has been involved with many charitable committees including The Spirit of Youth and the Friends of Stansted Hall (for whom she still tutors).

Professionalism and discipline is of the utmost importance to Sandy, she continually strives to achieve balance and high standards in her life whilst encouraging others to do the same.

Sandy is pleased to have dedicated her life to working with, and for, the world of the Spirit.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor

• Minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union