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Su Wood has been a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College for more than 20 years Aware of spontaneous Spirit contacts since early childhood, Su began her life-long love affair with the Arthur Findlay College as a student in 1980. She learned from the very best teachers to develop her natural mediumistic abilities. When, in 1991, the Spirit world first inspired Su to draw their portraits it began a whole new career for her.

From a background in Social work and Counselling, her Spiritual art gifts were unfolding very quickly, and she began serving churches the length and breadth of the country and in 1993 was invited to work at the Arthur Findlay College as a tutor.

Since then, Su has worked in many countries, teaching and demonstrating mediumship and Spirit art, and working with the Aura Camera, including, USA, Canada and many different parts of Europe. Su specialises in helping students to build self-confidence, and loves to see each student blossom on their pathway.

She says

“Working for Spirit is working on a vibration of love, who could ask for more.”

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

 • SNU Tutor