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Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Suzanne’s maternal Grandmother was a working medium and healer, a DSNU holder. From her childhood and youth, Suzanne can fondly recall many lively and insightful discussions with family members concerning the nature of the Spirit World and listening intently to her Nan’s wonderful stories about her work as a medium and the profound effect it often had.

Inspired by her, Suzanne first attended a Spiritualist Church at the age of 17. From then on, she was hooked into the world of Spiritualism, a natural spiritual home for her, thus eventually precipitating her own unfoldment which began at age 23. Fortunately, in the year 2000, Suzanne was able to begin her studies at the Arthur Findlay College and over the years, has attended many excellent courses provided by the College’s brilliant and hardworking team.

Suzanne is a devoted Medium, Healer, and Minister, enjoying all aspects of Mediumship and Spiritualism. She serves Spirit in many capacities and is currently on the SNU National Executive Committee and the Ministers Administration Committee. Suzanne has a BA Honours degree in History and an MA degree in Psychotherapy. Professionally, she was previously a secondary school teacher, Head of History and an examiner. However, more recently, since 2010, she has dedicated herself to helping people improve their psychological and relational health and personal and spiritual development through her own very successful full-time private practice. Suzanne has a passion for the history and development of spiritual practices and Mysticism, and a profound interest in the lived experience of spiritual development.

Suzanne believes that there is an innate part within each of us which wishes to move ever closer to God, and mediumship is a natural expression of that part and is a pathway on that journey. The journey itself offers the opportunity for individual development and spiritual growth which then enhances mediumship by enabling better blending with spirit contacts, free of distraction, thus creating a dynamic cycle of growth. Mediums have a responsibility to learn, develop and hone their craft so that they can become as accurate as possible and be good ambassadors for the Spirit World.

For Suzanne, working with the Spirit World is a privilege, a calling and a joy. “The Spirit World has so much to teach us about ourselves, this world and the next; we are perpetual students.” She believes that Spiritual abilities are unique to each individual and their unfoldment is exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding. The journey requires commitment, discipline, courage and a sense of humour; the work of the Spirit brings joy, healing and a sense of oneness to all who are ready for that experience.

Suzanne has been teaching in Spiritualist churches and centres around the UK since 2003 as well as at the SAGB 2015 – 2019. She teaches evidential mediumship, trance, philosophy, the intuitive arts, healing and meditation.

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