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Suzanne Tempel CSNU -Tutor of Tomorrow

“We are all spirit. Therefore spirituality is nothing more than the science of truly understanding of who we really are; the very nature of oneself.”

In her teens, Suzanne had an experience where she went into, what she now would call, a higher state of consciousness. At that moment she realized and experienced that she was ‘consciousness’ and one with all. It has led to a lifelong interest in the human mind, consciousness development, spirituality and the true Self. The first time she had a spirit communication it changed her life. Suzanne was predominantly trained at the Arthur Findlay College. Suzanne resides in the Netherlands where she teaches Mediumship and Consciousness development both online and in person.

Suzanne held several jobs in businesses as a trainer, project and interim manager. She has a Masters in Customer Relationship Management and she is a certified coach/counsellor. For many years she worked as a tutor and coach in the field of personal development. She is also a EEG based Consciousness Trainer; trained and educated to guide people to altered states of consciousness (higher and deeper states) with a scientific method developed by Professor Cade. Since 2016, Suzanne researches states of consciousness of mediums.

Suzanne is passionate about her work with spirit and helping others to find their passion and love as a channel for spirit. Suzanne is a demonstrator, teacher, and researcher of Mediumship and teaches internationally both online and on location.

Her teaching focusses on individual needs, creativity in approaching subjects, celebrating success and support with challenges. Suzanne believes that the make-up of a good teacher is knowledge and experience but the make-up of an excellent teacher is wisdom; the ability to have the right attitude, belief and course of action with every individual student.

Her students have found her to be encouraging, joyful, non-judgemental and say that ‘she has something that makes you trust her right away’. Suzanne’s hopes, for the participants of her courses, are that they will find and keep the joy in working with spirit and ultimately realize their True Self’s on their spiritual journey.

“Without consciousness development your mediumship will not unfold to its full potential. The two go hand in hand.”

SNU Certificate of Recognition:

Teaching CSNUt

Demonstrating (Evidential Mediumship)

Public Speaking

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