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Tim Abbott DSNU DT

Tim holds several certificates, which include the Diploma for both Teaching and Demonstrating Mediumship and is known as a very factual Medium. As a young man Tim was very fortunate to have one of the leading teachers of the time Glynn Edwards, who took a personal interest in Tim’s development, and it was Glynn that encouraged Tim to move forward to becoming a Tutor of The Arthur Findlay College.

Tim has the pleasure of teaching in many different countries throughout Europe: such as Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark  Norway and many more.

Tim has been aware of, and interacted with, the Spirit World since he was 7 years old. At the age of 19, Tim started the formal development of his mediumship.

Throughout the years, Tim has become established as a Teacher and Medium of both Evidential Mediumship and Trance.

Tim is a very modern style teacher, who offers unique exercises and experiences to his students that gives them the confidence to move beyond their comfort zone, taking their understanding and ability to an even higher level: thus “Raising the Standards of their Mediumship”.

Through Tim’s studies of the Psychology of Mediumship he has the ability to put the students into the correct frame of mind, which helps the student achieve a greater understanding, depth and evidence within their work.


Awards held by Tim

Certificates in Speaking, Demonstrating and teaching

Diplomas in Teaching and Demonstrating