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Tim Smith DSNU (H&T)

You might call me a late starter or just slow on the uptake, however once I found Spiritualism and read the seven principles ‘I got it. All the intuitive stuff I had used as a marketeer and creative to sell things and win awards for doing it, added up to an understanding, that what I was doing before and what I was uncovering going forward was inspiration from Spirit.

Spirit must have been mightily relieved when the penny dropped.

So a lifetime as an ‘AD Man’, conjuring something from nothing, has turned into a passion for attuning to an energy that has real meaning for me and a power to help others through Spiritualist Healing Mediumship.

Over a decade of honing that attunement skill by studying Hypnotherapy (two diplomas) specialising in PLR and Spiritual Regression. By exploring Spirit inspired art where a physical message both visual and written can be just as healing to a person as a healing session. Using my public speaking and teaching experience in marketing, to give Spirit a channel to use to convey their ideas and concepts of the Art and Science of Spirit.

Finally discovering the power of Spiritualist Healing where one can trust the love of the divine to help others in this physical universe.

This journey has brought me to a place where I can use my enlightenment of Spirit forces and my accumulated knowledge of life, meaningfully; I refer of course to the SNU and the Unique educational establishment, the Arthur Findlay College.

Here at the AFC, not only can I help others become aware of the infinite possibilities of Spiritualist Healing Mediumship, but also help them become Spiritualist Healers in their own right.

All this while acting as a guide to those on the road to development of their healing attunement, who seek to help others through Spiritualist Healing Mediumship. Working together to master all the many levels of development, from trainee healer to Trance healer and beyond.

There is no more gratifying feeling for a tutor, when one sees the look on a student’s face as they discover their own potential as a channel for this divine energy, and know as certainly as I do, it’s source.