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Val Williams was born into a mediumistic family, both her grandmother and great grandmother being mediums. Val has worked professionally as a medium since 1984 – she hears, senses and knows the communicators from the Spirit world and frequently her recipients say they recognise personality traits of their loved ones, as well as applauding her for her evidence.

Since 1987 Val has worked in many European countries, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, as well as Australia, Canada and the USA. She also works extensively in the British Isles, serving churches, and working in larger venues taking her mediumship to the masses. for charity purposes, as well as tutoring students during seminars.

Her demonstrations have been televised in the USA, Canada, Denmark and she has broadcasted on radio, as a confident and competent communicator, Val demonstrates her gifts, providing strong and effective evidence.

When newspaper reports have been made about her work she has been applauded by the media for the clarity of her communication. In countries where translation is required, she works with interpreters thereby proving that language presents no barrier to communication.

Val’s love of working for Spirit is evident in the relaxed and happy way she promotes herself. In addition to this area of her working life, Val devotes much of her time encouraging others in their Spiritual development. She has, for over 35 years, organised seminars in the North of England and at The Arthur Findlay College, as well as countries abroad.

Her students constantly thank her for her caring approach, as well as for knowing how far to push them in the right direction, in order to build their confidence.

Determined to support our mediums of the future Val believes that

“There should be no competition amongst students – to work in an encouraging and nurturing environment is the only way forward.”

Her love and respect for the pioneers, mediums and tutors she has known in the past 35 years is well known.Val has been trained only by Spirit and shares everything she has been taught with her students, feeling that to teach them to Walk in the Power of Spirit is the best way to teach them to provide pure evidence.

Val has, on occasion, lectured to members of the Police Service, in order to determine if assistance from the Spirit world is able to assist them with ongoing investigations.


• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship & Public speaking)

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship & Public speaking)

• SNU Tutor