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Course 20C: The Storyteller

We need to remember that communication with the Spirit World should go far beyond just merely giving information. If we are to do justice to the communication we need to be able to tell the ‘story’ of the person in the spirit world and bring that communication ALIVE. These are real souls that have lead real lives. We need to be able to tell the story of the relationship they shared with those in this physical life, remembering those special memories, as well as being able to be a true evidential medium and strive to give the best evidence that we can. This can only be done by bringing the naturalness to our mediumship.

During the week we shall be looking at clairsentience as a strong foundation to bring alive the personality, presence and essence of the spirit communicator.

The course will be looking in a practical way at deepening your evidence from the spirit world and the intelligence behind that communication. We shall also be focusing on clairvoyance: there will be exercises in understanding and giving more specific evidence through clairvoyant pictures from the communicator.

In the private sittings situation we will look at exercises to strengthen and give structure to sittings, giving you exercises that will help you with understanding and assessing the needs of your sitter. The course shall also look at bringing your own individuality into your mediumship.

Whatever level of experience we are at with one’s mediumistic and psychic ability, we should never be satisfied with, or limit ourselves to, the standard that we have achieved. We should always be striving for more, and pushing the boundaries of our mediumship.

The course will be working on the Psychic and Mediumistic levels, looking at Private Sittings and Demonstrating.

This course offers a very full, hard working course, giving you constructive guidance to help you improve your abilities, in a supportive environment.