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Healing & Services

There are a number of facilities available to the General Public who are very welcome to attend. Services include; Private readings & sittings, Spiritual Healing and the Public Services including Demonstrations of Mediumship. See below an explanation of these services that are available during college course times.

Spiritual Healing

Open to everyone in need of healing in mind, body and Spirit. The Arthur Findlay College healers are located in the Stansted Hall Pioneer Centre, at the Arthur Findlay College and situated in the serene parkland of Stansted Hall. The perfect setting for our Healing Sanctuary.

Every Tuesday between 10.00 a.m.-12.45p.m and 13.45-15.00p.m, our team of dedicated Spiritualist Healing Mediums offer a free opportunity to connect with the intelligent healing energy of the Spirit World.

No need to book, simply turn up and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our Healing Sanctuary. This is a wonderful experience to re-charge your energy and be with a group of healers, qualified and ready to be your channel to a divine energy of love.

Saturday Healing
For those who cannot make the Tuesday opening times then on the Saturday, the Stansted Hall Healing Centre Training Group, are open from 10.00- 11.45a.m in the Stansted Hall Pioneer Centre, offering the same opportunity to commune with the Healing energy of the Spirit World and the dedicated Spirit healers who work with our healers in this world.

We welcome you to give a donation for you’re the healing you receive.
The College is a registered charity and all donations go towards the upkeep of the College.
We look forward to welcoming you to this unique experience, open to anyone who is in need of help in finding a connection to a positive and loving force, the positive love of the Spirit World.

 Public Spiritualist Services

Public Spiritualist Services are held every Sunday and Wednesday at the Arthur Findlay College Sanctuary and the public are welcome to attend.

The services consist of hymns, prayer, spiritual healing as well as philosophy which are based around the 7 Principles of the Spiritualists’ National Union. Philosophy through the public address is very inspirational and thought provoking. There is usually a public demonstration of mediumship conducted by the College tutors that are working on the College course for the week.
Sunday and Wednesday services start at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the service starts as late arrivals may not be admitted.
There is no charge to attend but cash donations are welcome.
The College is a registered charity and all donations go towards the upkeep of the College.

Please note:
There are no Services after the second Sunday in December until the fourth Sunday of January.

Private Sittings:

The College offers Evidential Private Sittings to students and visitors during the course weeks.
Students and visitors may book a sitting which will be with Mediums who are recognised for the highest standard of evidential mediumship and are tutors of the college.

For the general public, we have a dedicated team of Mediums that are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays every fortnight.
Private sitting usually have a duration of approximately 30 minutes.

Residential Students: £40

Members of the Public/Visitors: £45

Please note: All sittings must be classed as experimental. If you are not satisfied in the early stages of your sitting please inform the medium straight away and not at the end.

Please see ‘Item 8. of Terms & Conditions’
Advance bookings are required and are subject to availability
Please call 01279813636 to book

Healing Courses

The College operates a number of courses where you can learn, nurture and expand on your own healing ability.

Here is an article written by Healer Tim Smith following a recent course at the College