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Course 44A: Mediumship and More

The way we work and present our mediumship has evolved over the years. People’s needs and expectations have changed. How do you meet those needs? Do you feel under pressure, and at times no matter what you do, you cannot fully blend with the spirit world? Could one of the reasons be that we haven’t understood the power we have within ourselves? That we haven’t focused the mind?

This week we will look at ways of training the mind and gaining an understanding of, not only our own power, but the power that works with us to blend with the spirit, so that we may express the essence of communication, whether in the public arena or private sitting.

There will be small groups centred on aspects of mental mediumship and personal development, where you will have opportunities to work with perfecting your demonstrating abilities, public speaking and private sittings, as well as a daily session on a specialised area of mediumship, and one of a more spiritual nature. These will help to allow you the freedom to explore your personal journey, aided by the knowledge and abilities of the other tutors in their specialist subjects.

The course is for all levels and included are small groups, workshops and tutorials where you will be inspired to push the boundaries of your own mediumship as you explore the many aspects of mediumship and psychic development.