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Course 42B: Between Two Worlds

Come and join us if you are looking for a mystical journey of discovery.

>We will be experimenting with many aspects of Mediumship to include:

  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Trance states
  • Philosophy
  • Experimental Physical Mediumship (Everyone on this course will have the opportunity to sit in the Cabinet with red light).
  • Psychic Work
  • Healing

On this week we are looking to expand the potential you have within you.Br /> Let us seek the truth and give the Spirit World the respect they deserve by working with love and the light as we blend together in unity on the course.

All experiments will be in red light or infra-red camera in the dark.
A great team of tutors will be on the week helping you to unfold and develop your abilities. They will be committed to empowering you on your journey of discovery.

You will also have the opportunity to experience an experimental physical sťance by Sharon Harvey CSNU.

This week will be packed with hard work and fun. Be prepared to be patient as this is a must on the week. Come and join us and let the divine light of God within you shine.