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Course 48: Mediumship Training & Development 2

Intermediate-Advance Students

This is the second course of the year for mediumship Training & Development.
I have taken a course this time of year for many years under different titles. This week always fills quickly and is normally fully booked.

Even though this week is for intermediate and advance students, the greater percentage are advance level and many who are already out taking services and demonstrations.

There are many fancy titles that we can give to a course, this course which is one of two by the same title and is exactly what the title says.

The first course will take place in April if this course date is not suitable, you can book for either one course or both courses.

As a course organiser since 1986 and tutor since 1993 my main interest as always been training and developing future mediums and helping those who are already working mediums, to enhance there mediumship, raising the standard of mediumship and the strength of blending and evidence of the communication from the spirit people.

These courses will be strong practical weeks with small groups to give more individual attention and quality time on demonstrating mediumship.

Improving your soul to soul blending, your soul and spirit person soul becoming one, therefore blending with the emotion, power and higher consciousness with each other.

I have always been a strong teacher on structure and technique in demonstrating mediumship. We need to learn though to first allow the blending and the awareness, information happen naturally, in how we receive and what information is brought, then putting the right technique, structure and delivery into place. learning both styles of delivery, throwing information out and going direct to a recipient, knowing when you need to go direct and when its ok to put out to the audience. We will also be looking at how to unfold and deepen the practical evidence through clairvoyance, unfolding the story the spirit person is bringing, rather than using your clairvoyant imagery symbolically for character and personality.

Most evenings there will be student demonstrations, each one will then be given afterwards an assessment on their demonstration by one of the tutors.

Andy and Chris over the last few years have become well respected for their quality of mediumship and teaching at the college and across the world.

This week there will be no confliction or contradiction in what the teachers will give you.
On this course you must be prepared to move out of your comfort zone also changing and moving into another mind-set that you are not used to working in which can limit it your mediumship.

Look forward to working with you. Paul