Course 1a 2025

Presentation and Demonstration
(17 Jan - 19 Jan 2025)

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Course 1a 2025

(17 Jan - 19 Jan 2025)

Presentation and Demonstration

Not suitable for beginners of mediumship


If you’re ready to explore more in your work regarding Demonstrating and its Presentation, then here’s what you’re looking for! What a fabulous start to the New Year and a positive place to move forward from for the year ahead.

Demonstrating to the general public is an amazing way to reach so many people all at once with the presence of the spirit world, but more importantly, to be uniting people with their loved ones. It’s the next step for some on their mediumistic journey and the continuation for others. So whether you are just about to begin your platform work or have been doing it for a long time, there will still be things you can learn to understand and help you become even stronger in your work, so what better placed to do it than on this weekend.

Taking the brave move to be a platform demonstrator is not easy, especially when there are so many elements needed for it to feel that we’re doing a good job. But when you have the ability to explore all of those elements in a safe and nurturing environment it allows you to realise your potential along with what you can work on to become even stronger in your self-belief too.

The team of tutors want to help you recognise your own presence in this process, so this is something that will have focus within the course along with:

  • Helping you sustain your contact and be more aware of the connection – being more present
  • Developing the story of your evidence – how to make it easier and more detailed
  • Bring more of the presence and the essence of your communicator – bring them alive
  • Stage presence and delivery – helping you be present as well as being professional
  • Manage your nerves – igniting the passion and not the fear
  • Recognise and work with more than one communicator
  • Manage your audience along with adapting to your space/environment
  • Different ways to place your contact and find the right recipient
  • Getting a wonderful balance of good evidence along with feeling/emotion
  • Becoming more aware of the power that you work in with your communicators

There’s nothing greater than knowing you can make a difference to more than one person in one moment. So why not join us in representing the spirit world and making a difference to your work that you can carry forward through the year. If you want more practice, more support and guidance and be amongst others who are seeking the same, then why don’t you join us!


“You may find that making a difference to others makes the biggest difference in you”




  • Number of Nights: 2
  • Arrive

    after 3 pm for 5 pm

  • Start

    on Friday 17th January 2025

  • Depart

    after lunch on Sunday 19th January 2025

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £299.00
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