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Chris Drew CSNU

Chris has always been aware of his mediumistic ability. Once he had begun to consciously develop his mediumship, Chris was quickly led to the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the Advancement of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences, where he embarked on intensive study and development of his mediumistic abilities.

Although Chris is predominantly based in London, his work has taken him across the UK, and to many countries throughout the world. With his fresh and modern approach to mediumship, Chris works tirelessly to reunite people with their loved ones, and helps people to discover their own latent mediumistic abilities.

Chris works in several highly regarded mediumistic institutions, both as a demonstrator and a tutor, including the Arthur Findlay College where he is also a course organiser.

Chris firmly believes that every student’s development is individual. With this in mind, during every course he always endeavours to meet the individual needs of every student under his tutelage.

He is also passionate about the importance of the student’s own self-development as part of their mediumistic unfoldment and he encourages students to continuously explore the reality of their own soul and aim to lead a more meaningful life.

Chris believes that we need to remember that communication with the Spirit World should go far beyond just merely giving information. If we are to do justice to the communication, we need to be able to tell the ‘story’ of the person in the spirit world and bring that communication ALIVE.

These are real souls that have led real lives. We need to be able to tell the story of the relationship they shared with those in this physical life, remembering those special memories, as well as being able to be a true evidential medium and strive to give the best evidence that we can. This can only be done by bringing the naturalness into our mediumship.

” My work ethic is simple, regardless of a student’s level of experience they should never be satisfied with, or limit themselves to, the standard of mediumship that they have achieved.”

Chris instils this work ethic by taking his students out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to strive for more and to push the boundaries of their mediumship.

Chris’s greatest passion is to publicly demonstrate his mediumship. Chris has built a solid reputation based on the quality of his work, his integrity and compassion, and the modern demonstration style that he has developed.

He has an interest in both Eastern and Western philosophy and continues to explore his own philosophical ideas.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• SNU Tutor• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking