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David Schiesser DSNU

Certificate and Diploma holder of the Spiritualists’ National Union and appointed tutor at the Arthur Findlay College

About David…

When human beings are becoming aware of their spiritual nature and they are touched by what is known to us as the Spirit World, a whole new world opens up in front of them. On one hand, the experiences which are connected with it are very exciting and fascinating, yet on the other one can be very confusing and overwhelming.

“My great passion is to support people within this great discovery of a world that goes beyond our everyday understanding, for them to gain clarity, understanding and knowledge of what they are experiencing. Within my teaching the subject of Mediumship is not only the development and strengthening of the mediumistic faculty but also one of personal development, evolving within the spiritual self.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every one, and so I have learnt to become aware and adaptable to the need of the individual within the specific stage of their development. To lead and guide in an encouraging and supportive way, but also to be honest and constructive in a respectful way, are aspects that are most important to me. Not only do I take the wellbeing of my students very seriously but also how the world of spirit is represented by us. We should always remember that we are the voices of the spirit world and therefore carry a great responsibility.

Teaching for me is:

“To embark together on a wondrous journey, exploring and investigating not only the world beyond but the power within. To reach the ultimate beauty which resides within all of us and for it to be manifested within our physical existence.”

I have been intensively trained on several aspects of mediumship which include: Platform Demonstration, Private Readings, Spiritual Assessments/Appraisals, philosophical aspects of Spiritualism, Spiritual Trance, as well as Spiritualist Healing.

SNU Certificates:

I hold various certificates of the Spiritualists’ National Union in Speaking (CSNU s), Spiritualist Healing (CSNU h) and teaching of Spiritualist Healing (CSNU t) as well as various diplomas in Demonstrating Mediumship (DSNU D) and Teaching of Demonstrating Mediumship (DSNU T), and last but not least I am an appointed tutor at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England”.