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José Gosschalk CSNU

José Gosschalk went in 1999 for the first time to the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College.

On her first visit she met Paul Jacobs, who is a highly respected teacher at The Arthur Findlay College since 1993 and who works as a medium and teacher worldwide. Paul Jacobs took José under his wings for several years and in 2003 he encouraged her to enroll in the teacher training scheme at the Arthur Findlay College. As a graduate, José is currently a teacher there for many weeks a year.

In the Netherlands José is running the Academy for Mediumship. Students can attend here a 3- years training in Mediumship or they can attend short courses in Mediumship.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• Public Speaking

• SNU Tutor