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Lillian Steiner-Iten CSNU

Lillian was born and brought up in Auckland, New Zealand. She is now based in Switzerland. As a child she was aware of the spirit world but she had no control over where and when communication would take place.

She was always fascinated by mediumship and so she joined a home circle and started developing. This led her to the Arthur Findlay College where she continued to refine her skills and where she was formally trained in mediumship.

She then continued to successfully complete the Teacher Training Scheme and now works as a tutor at the College and internationally. Her passion is demonstrating mediumship because she believes she can reach so many more people this way.

Lillian also has her own centre for Mediumship, Animal Communication, Healing and Trance in Switzerland, where she runs classes and circles. Her motivation is to teach students to strive to reach their potential and to learn how to integrate spirit in their every day lives.

Lillian is also a passionate animal lover  and a qualified Equine Bowen Therapist within Europe and abroad.

Whilst you are at the college, Lillian can also carry out trance healing sittings.

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

• Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)

• SNU Tutor