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Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU

Andrej lives in Cardiff, South Wales, where he has spent most of his life and is an Accredited Spiritualist Medium, Healer and Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.

He has spent many years pursuing spirituality and seeking to integrate the spiritual principles that he has learnt and experienced into his everyday life. His aim is to help other people to connect with their inner spirit and to achieve their full potential in whatever area that may be.

He serves Spiritual Churches on a regular basis providing philosophy and evidential mediumship as well as taking circles and teaching groups of individuals. He also offers private sittings for those who require a more in-depth and personal reading.

Andrej’s main interest is training people in all levels of mediumship from basic awareness right through to the trance states of consciousness. He is also very active as a Spiritualist Healing Medium and has spent many years training others in Healing Mediumship and helping others to set up Healing groups and Centres. He also continues to offer support during and after the training period.

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