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Overseas Courses

Throughout the Arthur Findlay College programme, there are many courses specially designed for those individuals from overseas who do not speak English at all or those who do not speak English fluently.

Each course will have its own team of tutors and translators. Our translators professionally and eloquently translate what the tutors’ say into the language of the course.

We have courses for students from:

• Finland• France• Germany• Italy• Japan• Sweden• Switzerland
(Only students who speak the language of the course are permitted to attend).

Each course will be structured to ensure that, as far as we are able, every individual’s needs are met.

Subjects generally included are usually dependent on levels of experience. Mediumship, Healing, Trance, and Spirit Art are often provided but these will be determined by the Course Organiser and their tutors.

The aim of every overseas course is to ensure that each student receives the best possible teaching to build confidence, understanding and ability.  The course will offer a variety of exercises on many different subjects.

These courses offer people from different parts of their country to work together and socialise in a friendly, learning and supportive environment.