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Course 12b 2020

Discovering the Soul of the Medium

This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Students Only

Do you feel that your mediumship needs more depth, more spirituality and more intensity?

So many people are developing their mediumship, giving messages of various qualities and dispensing words of advice, support and supposedly sharing the words of spirit.

Too many courses focus on communicating the message but what about you the medium?
How do you communicate with the spirit world?
When do you make time for your own personal development?
What are you aware of when you draw close to spirit?
Where in your life is your spiritual space?

Are you trying to develop but finding it a struggle? In our ‘Solve It’ workshop, we have lots of answers, guidance, suggestions and support tailored just for you.

This course offers to every student time to be with spirit, time to become aware of your helpers and inspirers, an opportunity to express your soul’s needs and fulfil the yearning within you for spirituality.

Sit for the healing of mind, body, and spirit, fill your soul with the light and energy of spirit each day in our Meditation sessions. Experience real contemplation, self-awareness, confidence building skills, spirituality in action, group sessions, services with a difference, healing for the soul, openness for the mind, discussions, debates, workshops where you focus on yourself, as well as others.

Take time out to retreat into the peace and quietness of our stillness room, absorb the love, healing and energies there and re-join us refreshed and ready to move forwards.

Become a guardian angel for another student, be mindful of them as someone is being mindful of you and let them know that you care.

Develop the love and emotional values of your mediumship, as well as the evidence and proof, become a whole medium, learn how to deal with the difficulties and complications of communication and allow the soul of you the medium to soar with spirit.

Bring along an open mind, a willing heart and be prepared to let your soul growth shine through on this spiritual and exciting course.

This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Students Only

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