Course 12b 2023

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Course 12b 2023

Embracing the Spirit

The process of Trance occurs when we subdue our conscious minds, slowing down our thinking so that the Spirit World can impinge their minds on ours in order to establish their presence. In this state, we can be in touch with, and at one with, minds that influence, educate, uplift and inspire.

This is what we will endeavour to do for you during this week. As a team, we totally understand your needs and desires to move forward with your trance development. We will encourage you to strengthen the relationship between you and your Spirit team. However, to achieve this, you must be willing to work hard and let the Divine light of God shine within you.

Subjects to be covered are:

☆Trance Mediumship including Trance Healing

You will also have the opportunity to attend an experimental trance by Sharon Harvey. 

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