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Course 13a 2025

Welcome to “Pure Mediumship” –
Week of Developing Evidential Mediumship

Have you ever wondered why it’s called “Pure Mediumship”? Well, on most mediumship courses, a considerable amount of time is spent working on the psychic level. However, this week will be solely dedicated to developing, enhancing, and unfolding your evidential mediumship skills, regardless of your current level.

We aim to equip you with everything you need to demonstrate evidential mediumship to groups and individuals in private sittings. We’ll also focus on developing the power, emotion, and essence of the spirit person, as well as delivering practical evidence through clairvoyance in your mediumship.

Understanding and delivering messages from the spirit person is also a crucial part of mediumship, and we’ll be discussing this in detail. Throughout each day, we’ll be emphasizing small group sessions tailored to your specific level.

Your group will be assigned based on your experience level:

  1. Those who are entirely new to mediumship and have no formal training
  2. Those who have experience in psychic, but only a little on mediumship or are unsure if it’s psychic or spirit
  3. Intermediate or advanced mediumistic level who wish to focus mainly on 1-1 readings
  4. Those who want to mainly focus on demonstrating mediumship to an audience, at an intermediate or advanced level.

Upon arrival, you’ll have a short interview with Paul to determine the right group for you.
Paul is looking forward to meeting you all and sharing his expertise with you throughout the week.

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