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Course 17c 2025

Meet the Ancestors

A four-day workshop featuring Hypnotic Spiritual & Past Life Regression and Reincarnation Therapies

This will be a chance to explore the possibilities of each of us having lived other lives, either through our DNA or as a Spiritual choice to advance our eternal selves on our journey from creation to Creator. All part of our eternal progress as eternal beings.

During the four-days, Tim will help you to develop your attunement skills to allow you to enter the altered state needed to experience the journey of the souls to visit these other lives, you may have lived through time and space.

You will be introduced to the possibilities of past lives through presentations outlining the history and existing evidence of past lives achieved and documented through hypnosis techniques, which in turn will help you understand the opportunities this therapy can bring to our own self-awareness.

Tim is an experienced Spiritualist and spiritual teacher, a qualified SNU Diploma holder in Healing, Teaching and Assessing as well as being an ASNU award holder allowing him to assesses all forms of Spiritualist Mediumship. He is also a qualified Hypnotherapist with two Diplomas in this discipline.

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