Course 24b 2023

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Course 24b 2023

Presidents Church Members Week

***Open to Church Members & Individual Members***

17th – 24th June 2023

President Minister Jackie Wright DSNU.

Paul Jacobs CSNU

Tim Abbott DSNU DT

Our churches are the shop window of Spiritualism. They provide help and support for people during their lowest times, and are at the heart of our communities.

So, it is right that our Church members are given the opportunity to benefit from the training here at the Arthur Findlay college.

We will create a true Spiritualist family atmosphere with our church members.

We will follow in the footsteps of our great mediums who all were church mediums first.

This week we will take part in

Group work

All supported by a team of highly trained AFC tutors.

This week is a heavily discounted week to ensure that it is affordable for our churches.

Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

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