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Course 26b 2024

The Confident Evidential Medium

Are you not confident in yourself as a medium or in what you have as evidence, so don’t say it?

Do you put things on the shelf of your mind as you don’t feel confident enough to get more detail in your evidence?

Do you watch others and see in them what you aspire to achieve in yourself, but at the same time feel you will never be that confident?

Being confident within yourself and feeling confident enough to trust your information from the spirit world is not an easy thing. So, these classes are designed to support you as the worker in becoming stronger in your own presence and more trusting in your communication and information when working with your contacts. Recognising what confidence means to you as the individual is a big step to understanding how you can progress forward as both the individual and the medium. Sometimes we don’t trust ourselves with our evidence, so the feeling of inadequacy multiplies because of how much we care and how much we want to make a difference to other people in our work. So it’s a constant treadmill of going around in circles and feeling like we’re getting nowhere!

Gaining the ability to build upon what you already have as evidence, and understanding the depth and detail that is there to work with, will be a focus within these classes. This will ensure you feel trusting enough to discover more of the story involved and can only lead to a greater experience for both you the medium and for your recipients.

This course will help you understand yourself as the worker, and understand the steps you can take to feel more confident in your connection, your information, and the presentation in your work.

The aim is to take you to a point that you feel strong enough to take a bigger leap of faith than you have until now. Sometimes all we need is for someone to believe in us and see the potential that lies within that is hard to see in ourselves. So let us help you, support you, and highlight to you the next steps to feeling stronger in your work.

I look forward to you joining us for what is always a fabulous week!

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