Course 32b 2022

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Course 32b 2022

Mastering Spiritualist Healing

This course is ideally suited to all levels of spiritualist healing.
From the beginner to the experienced healing medium.

This week you will get a solid foundation in the art of spiritualist healing and practice cutting edge techniques that will help you to blend deeper with the healing intelligence.

You will experience self-healing techniques that will get you prepared for your journey ahead as you delve into the spirit world and beyond.

The ultimate aim of this week is to provide you with the knowledge and depth of connection to the healing intelligence that will allow you to maximise your full potential of who you are and how you can express your souls desire.

This week you will experience:

Understand who you are
Healing family and friends
Contact ,and Absent healing
Guidance from your spirit team
Strengthening your link to the spirit world
Setting up a healing practice
Integrating spiritualist healing in your existing complimentary therapy practice
Teaching others the art of spiritualist healing

Training for spiritualist healing is one of the most beautiful and meaningful experiences that you can experience as it opens the doors to the realms of love and light and can be the foundation for all interaction with the Spirit World.

If any of the above resonates with you then please join us on a voyage of discovery as we explore new horizons of pure spiritual growth.

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